Easy Skincare Routine.

Just before I got pregnant I was really struggling with acne. This was not super bad but it was worse than it had been. So I went and changed my whole routine and it was definitely worth it.

Firstly I wet my face I usually do this in the shower after I’ve washed my hair because I like to take my skin care right down onto my chest and I find it super hard to do over a basin.

Second I use REN evercalm cleansing gel. Now this stuff smells amazing and is super gentle on the skin I have had my bottle for so long now as a little goes a long way. I use half a pump to 1 pump on my hands rub it together until it foams and then gently massage it into my face neck and chest. I try to do this for a minute then I wash it off.

Remember to pat your face dry don’t rub it as this can cause wrinkles.

Then I use skyn iceland exfoliating pads all you have to do is wipe them over your face and then throw them out. Just avoid the eyes but how easy is that!

Then I finish it off with REN evercalm moisturiser and drunk elephant luxe oil. Always make sure if your using an oil to put it on after moisturiser as oil can penetrate moisturiser can’t penetrate oil.

Since doing this my skin has been amazing. Please comment below what you want me to write next and we will see you next time.

The Lazy Mummy.

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