Bottle is not the end of the world.

Hey mummies,

Formula is not the end of the world, it also isn’t forever and it most certainly doesn’t make you a bad mum.

I had to combine feed my babies which meant Boob and formula top offs. I also expressed and gave baby milk from the bottle, my now 1.5 year old is thriving and is actually a pretty smart girl. Formula did not make her dumb nor did it ruin our bond, I was made to feel so bad about giving formula and trust me it is nothing to worry about.

Here’s some advice for any mum going through the transition of having to give formula, for any reason.

  • Australia has great rules meaning our formula isnt that crazy stuff you hear about from China, just do your research.
  • It may take a few Tin’s for you to find the one that agrees with your baby.
  • There are so many kinds of formula, cows milk, goats milk, ones that are thick for reflux ones that are for babies who are allergic, just take your time it will work out.
  • Find a good quality bottle, I use pigeon because personally I think there amazing, my baby went from Boob to bottle to boob with no confusion at all.
  • You can get your supply back if it drops, mine dropped completely when I got mastitis (which is another post) but came back with some pumping, theres also medication your doctor can give you.
  • Stay calm, a fed baby is a happy baby whether it be from a bottle a boob formula or breastmilk.

The lazy mummy

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