Monday Feelings

Hey mummies,

I thought I’d try something new, from now on in Mondays are going to be all about what I want for the week, what happened in the past week that need to stay in that week.

So last week little miss 1 year old (poppy) decided she liked climbing on our dining table, she can only barely get into a chair but she’s figured out if I get myself up on that chair, I can get myself up onto that table and freak the living daylights out of mum and dad.

Our dining table used to be where we would put things we didn’t want her getting, like my partners jelly beans (he’s a type 1 diabetic). She got into these jelly beans and swallowed them before I even could tell her to spit them out. Now if you don’t know about glucose jellybeans they are pure sugar, PURE SUGAR! Yes as you may of guessed my afternoon was done after that, we were all happy for about 10 minutes after eating these jelly beans then all hell broke loose.

She went bananas, poppy was standing in the nude laughing to herself, she decided her nappy was a hat and that all the clothes in her draws needed to come out. This was all fun and games until the sugar fall happened, the loss of energy followed by the tantrums.

We all know how this ends as we’ve all been here….

It ended in me needing a drink.

The lazy mummy.

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