Something Smells Daddy

My partner to say the least is a heavy sleeper. If there’s any word to describe how heavy a sleeper he is I would like to know it.

When he was in high school he slept through a fire alarm, I’m talking the loud belching fire alarms that go off to evacuate shopping centers, well he slept through and only woke up to a fire fighter shaking him awake.

So yeah he’s a heavy sleeper.

Anyway, like any other morning when our oldest wakes up he gets her out of bed and takes her into the lounge room, while I boob out youngest.

You may of guessed he fell asleep, he didn’t only fall asleep, he fell into one of his deep sleeps. Well our miss poppy ran amok she got into everything, toys and her textas, even her christmas presents.

No she didn’t draw on the walls, instead she got into her little sisters nappy bin, she got a poopy nappy out and put it right next to dads face.

He slept there for a while longer.

Well dad it’s time to wake up and smell the Rose’s.

The Lazy Mummy.

Breastfeeding Essential

Hey girls,

Firstly BREASTFEEDING IS HARD. It is not easy, even for me who’s babies latched and drank with ease, no tongue ties, no lip ties, just healthy (lazy) babies, but Boy is it HARD.

So I have some tips and essentials to help you get through this not so easy time.

  • Cry if you have to, I felt like I was failing if I cried but you know what all those hormones rushing out of your body and bubs crying your allowed to cry. (I’m giving you permission to cry).
  • A good breast pump in the right size. The tip to getting a good supply is feed, pump, eat, drink (water) and feed again. But the pumping part is made so much easier if you get one that works well. My favourite is the medela swing, I have also used the avent manual pump.
  • Keep a spare shirt in your car. Breast pads for me did not work, most of the time I had a spit rag tucked into my bra and please do not feel embarrassed if you leak, we all do.
  • In Australia feeding in public is legal. So don’t feel like a criminal for doing it.
  • Sometimes we can’t make it to the parents room in the fear bubs will get so worked up that they won’t be able to latch. So if you don’t feel comfortable feeding in public, you can tie a muslin wrap in a corner then you can pop it over and it acts as a cover for your boobies and bubs.
  • Lastly there are support groups and phone lines you can call for mums so ustilise them if you need them.

The Lazy Mummy.

I also have a post for formula fed bubs so please check that out too.

Monday Feelings

Hey mummies,

I thought I’d try something new, from now on in Mondays are going to be all about what I want for the week, what happened in the past week that need to stay in that week.

So last week little miss 1 year old (poppy) decided she liked climbing on our dining table, she can only barely get into a chair but she’s figured out if I get myself up on that chair, I can get myself up onto that table and freak the living daylights out of mum and dad.

Our dining table used to be where we would put things we didn’t want her getting, like my partners jelly beans (he’s a type 1 diabetic). She got into these jelly beans and swallowed them before I even could tell her to spit them out. Now if you don’t know about glucose jellybeans they are pure sugar, PURE SUGAR! Yes as you may of guessed my afternoon was done after that, we were all happy for about 10 minutes after eating these jelly beans then all hell broke loose.

She went bananas, poppy was standing in the nude laughing to herself, she decided her nappy was a hat and that all the clothes in her draws needed to come out. This was all fun and games until the sugar fall happened, the loss of energy followed by the tantrums.

We all know how this ends as we’ve all been here….

It ended in me needing a drink.

The lazy mummy.

Bottle is not the end of the world.

Hey mummies,

Formula is not the end of the world, it also isn’t forever and it most certainly doesn’t make you a bad mum.

I had to combine feed my babies which meant Boob and formula top offs. I also expressed and gave baby milk from the bottle, my now 1.5 year old is thriving and is actually a pretty smart girl. Formula did not make her dumb nor did it ruin our bond, I was made to feel so bad about giving formula and trust me it is nothing to worry about.

Here’s some advice for any mum going through the transition of having to give formula, for any reason.

  • Australia has great rules meaning our formula isnt that crazy stuff you hear about from China, just do your research.
  • It may take a few Tin’s for you to find the one that agrees with your baby.
  • There are so many kinds of formula, cows milk, goats milk, ones that are thick for reflux ones that are for babies who are allergic, just take your time it will work out.
  • Find a good quality bottle, I use pigeon because personally I think there amazing, my baby went from Boob to bottle to boob with no confusion at all.
  • You can get your supply back if it drops, mine dropped completely when I got mastitis (which is another post) but came back with some pumping, theres also medication your doctor can give you.
  • Stay calm, a fed baby is a happy baby whether it be from a bottle a boob formula or breastmilk.

The lazy mummy

Leave a comment below and follow for more of my life and tips.

Sorry but not Sorry

Hey mummies,

Where have I been?

I have given birth to my second baby in under 2 years! One last year in 2017 and one this year 2018.

Yes that means I have 2 under 2.

Soooo…..I have been busy and busier than I ever taught possible. Before you sit there thinking that I’m some crazy women who got knocked up twice in two years you have to realise, they were both planned.

So I guess in a way I am crazy, or have I been sent crazy from the constant need for boobs and food and bottles. The constant mum? Mum? Mum? Muuummm? The cries, the tantrums and the poos.

Well then yes I am crazy, but it is so worth it. I have two beautiful girls who have stolen my heart, my bed, my toilet and my food but ever little bit is worth it.

Yes I’m sorry I haven’t posted, but I will make it up big time. So let me know what you want to see/read.

The Lazy Mummy.

Morning, Afternoon and Night Sickness

Hey girls

I thought we’d have a talk about morning sickness, as I battled it pretty badly with my 1st. I lost 13 kilos from vomiting and it was not fun.

I tried everything and unfortunately for me nothing worked, but it did run it’s course and I was fine after that.

So here is a list of things you can try if your suffering from ALL DAY SICKNESS:

  • Ginger tablets
  • Ginger beer
  • Ginger ale
  • Ginger nut biscuits before you get out of bed actually worked to a extent for me
  • Bananas
  • Accupressure
  • Hot water
  • Anti nausea tablets (ask doctor)

Remember it’s trial and error and sometimes nothing will work. But you will get through it and it will be worth it in the end.

Sorry for the short post but hopefully this helps someone. What was your best morning sickness remedies?

The Lazy Mummy

Easy Skincare Routine.

Just before I got pregnant I was really struggling with acne. This was not super bad but it was worse than it had been. So I went and changed my whole routine and it was definitely worth it.

Firstly I wet my face I usually do this in the shower after I’ve washed my hair because I like to take my skin care right down onto my chest and I find it super hard to do over a basin.

Second I use REN evercalm cleansing gel. Now this stuff smells amazing and is super gentle on the skin I have had my bottle for so long now as a little goes a long way. I use half a pump to 1 pump on my hands rub it together until it foams and then gently massage it into my face neck and chest. I try to do this for a minute then I wash it off.

Remember to pat your face dry don’t rub it as this can cause wrinkles.

Then I use skyn iceland exfoliating pads all you have to do is wipe them over your face and then throw them out. Just avoid the eyes but how easy is that!

Then I finish it off with REN evercalm moisturiser and drunk elephant luxe oil. Always make sure if your using an oil to put it on after moisturiser as oil can penetrate moisturiser can’t penetrate oil.

Since doing this my skin has been amazing. Please comment below what you want me to write next and we will see you next time.

The Lazy Mummy.