Happy Death Day 2U

Hey guys it’s the lazy daddy,

As parents we don’t often get a date night so I’m here to give you some honest reviews. I’m here to make sure your date nights aren’t wasted on shitty or just out right boring movies.

Happy Death Day 2U is a pretty average horror/comedy variant of Groundhog Day.

Happy Death Day 2U is a pretty average horror/comedy variant of Groundhog Day.

Happy Death Day 2U is a pretty average… aah I have gotten myself into a loop. Much like this movie, there are a lot of repetition, but unfortunately where the first film felt fun and fresh and breezy this sequel feels tired almost immediately.

After trying a very half hearted attempt at a new story, the film quickly sets about undoing all the first films events and resets the experience under the pretense of multiple universes giving multiple life experiences for the lead Tree (Jessica Rothe).

Personally I would avoid this until it’s cheap for rental or streaming. For a better alternative with a similar theme I would recommend Coherence.

Enjoy ⭐⭐


So if you are reading this I suggest you go back a few posts and read my goals for the year, it’s pretty mushy and a bit of a cry for help but its there and it’s the truth.

If you can’t be bothered to go find it here’s a quick rundown.

So my weight loss journey, I had 2 kids in 2 years, that’s 1 a year consecutively. I was not as fit as I had been before giving birth to my first born but I was fit.

Then shit went









Well pregnant with second bubs and my weight stacked on, I mean piled on every bit of shitty food I ate, made ass or arm or thigh grow. (My stomach too but you know that’s normal being preganant).

So I decided this year was the year of change, cue cliche new years resolution and here’s where I am today.

So I tried no sugar, that worked but it wasn’t something I saw being long term with two girls. Sugar is also my go to when it’s that time of the month, it shouldn’t be because it’s so bad for cramps but we will get there.

Then I had an epiphany, if I eat healthy clean foods, meal prep and exercise maybe that will work. I know what a genius.

So I researched a few tips to help me and these are the ones I swear work.

  • Shop on a full stomach, that way you will be less likely to binge buy foods.
  • Take a snack and water so if you do feel hungry you will be to busy snacking on a healthy choice to think about unhealthy ones.
  • Shop only the perimeter of the store, this is wear the healthy foods are, fruit, veg, meat, milk, bread all are on the outsides, they trick you by making you go down isles that are filled with sweets and processed foods.
  • If you have to go down a isle, only go straight for what you need then get out of there.

So there you go meal prep, clean foods and eating healthy we will see how I go.

We Are Back Baby!

We are back and this time were here to stay!

So it’s a long story, but I’m going to keep it short.

My newborn now 11 weeks has colic, colic is essentially a crying baby, we will get into that in another post though.

Finally when we though that was getting sorted out, my bubs was diagnosed with reflux, not just any reflux but severe reflux. Again we will do a whole post on that.

I then lost my great grandmother, my babies great great grandmother how cool is that? My babies had a great great grandmother…

So after some heartache, some tummyaches and pain we are here and were ready to get posting.

So stay tuned…

The Lazy Daddy

Exciting news!

Introducing The Lazy Daddy

For those of you who know my partner, you will know how much he likes his movies. You’ve probably asked him for a suggestion for a movie to watch.

So from this week onward we will be doing a movie review so you don’t bother wasting your date night on some crappy movie, we’ve decided to also give you suggestions on what movies to watch at home if your like us and can’t really get out to have a date night.

What should we use as our rating system? Stars, emojis, coffee cups, give us your ideas below.

What movie would you like us to review, the favourite will be up soon.

The Lazy Daddy and The Lazy Mummy

A birth plan that didn’t go as planned

A Birth Plan does not always go as planned…

If you are or were anything like me, then you planned on a natural birth, you know like the ones you see in the movies and all over social media. I planned on an amazing birth I had pictured it in my head, and I had sat down and planned it with my midwives. My waters were going to break and I was going to go drug free and dance my way through labour. I was going to scream and push whilst holding onto the side of the bed, It was going to be me, my partner and my midwives.

Well flash forward to 35 weeks and this was no longer my plan, actually it was still my plan but bubs and my now doctors did not agree.

To get the whole story ill start from the start (don’t worry I wont make this a drag). Around 12 weeks I was accepted into the Birth Centre, which is essentially as natural as you can go but still in a hospital setting, they have aromatherapy, baths, big beds and lounges, everything a go all natural birth could ask for. I was in this model of care until 35 weeks pregnant, when I unfortunately was diagnosed with a heart condition that makes my heart beat super fast, Im talking about 250 bpm, which is much higher than it should ever go. Anyway because of this i was no longer allowed to have bubs in this type of care, instead I had to see a medical team weekly and an obstetrician.

So I was put on heart medication at the age of 23 (this was last year 2017) and I was told that it was too hard to sort out my heart in just a few weeks and that I would have to have an epidural. This didn’t bother me too much as all I wanted was a healthy baby, but boy was a scared and pissed off, I had not read anything about epidurals or any kind of pain medication, the most I had read about was gas and air and how everyone felt like they were floating on a cloud.  I had no idea about anything to do with epidurals all I knew was that they stick a needle in your back and then you don’t feel anything.

39 weeks and 5 days at about midnight, I woke up and felt like I needed to poop BIG TIME, So I tried but nothing was happening, so i went back to bed, about 2 hours later this feeling didn’t go away and I knew I must be in labour. So I got in the shower and stayed in there for about an hour, it was the best feeling every time I got these weird period like cramps I would put the water on my belly and all was amazing. Another hour or so went by and I called the midwives and they told me it was time to come in. I was 6cm when I went in and was told it was time for the epidural. When getting an epidural you need to first have a drip in your arm, they could not get a drip in my arm, 3 people tried before my amazing anesthesiologist, came in and got it in.

My waters didn’t break like they do in the movies, instead it was a midwife, after the epidural and the waters being broken and a few hours of discomfort, something happened my babies heart rate was dropping and they weren’t sure why, this happened about 3 times and they told me if it happened again that I would need to go in for an emergency C-section, I had not looked into a C-section at all as i was certain I didn’t need one, once they told me this I had a full on panic attack. Then they told me that bubs had pooped in me and it was time to push, 15 minutes and an episiotomy later my beautiful baby girl was born, there were so many people in the room my partner couldn’t see if she was a boy or a girl, but once the smoked cleared we saw our beautiful princess.

So if your here just for a read my hope for you is that you seriously look in to all the possibilities as its babies plan not yours and if your birth plan doesn’t work out don’t be disheartened as it happens to a lot more of us than you think.


please leave a comment below and tell me your birth stories.


The Lazy Mummy



Pregnancy 101: my hospital bag 2nd time around

Hey Girls,

Something we all sit and ponder over for hours is what we will pack in our hospital bags. Its an age old question no one can seem to get right or help you with, you have to get ideas from everywhere and everyone before you even have the slightest idea of what you’ll take.

Firstly remember everyone is different some people have a natural birth whilst others have c sections, some people dance there way through labour whilst others scream, I happened to fall somewhere in the middle, where I didn’t scream but I also didn’t have one of those amazingly peaceful labours you see all over Facebook.

So with everyone being so different of course we will all need to take different things. Lucky for you and me , I have figured out what I didn’t use the 1st time and have spent a lot of time researching (watching YouTube and joining everyone mum’s Facebook group there is) that I think I have come up with a list of things that you may want to consider packing in your hospital bag.

For Mum:

  • Birth Plan and Any cards or numbers you may need
  • Headphones
  • Slippers/Socks with grips
  • Thongs
  • Hair ties or if your short haired like me a headband
  • Comfy pajamas or a Big T-shirt
  • Music or Ipad whatever you would do in your spare time to help room seem more homely
  • Your own pillow
  • Granny undies or Depends or both
  • Snacks
  • Comfy clothes for afterwards (nothing to tight as you don’t want to hurt your VAGINA)
  • Pads Pads and more Pads (I am not even joking i used nearly a whole packet in my 1st 24 hours, some hospitals to provide them)
  • Lip Balm
  • Moisturizer
  • Toilet wipes or paper as its tender down there.
  • Face Wash
  • Body Wash
  • Deodorant
  • Padsicles (pads with aloe vera gel and witch hazel)
  • Nipple Cream/BreastPads
  • Bottles if not Breastfeeding
  • Easy to Feed tops
  • Water Bottle as I hate drinking out of cups and having to sit up to have water.

For Dad:

  • A change of clothes x2 you don’t want hubby to be soaked afterwards if you choose to use the shower
  • Snacks my hubby is a type 1 diabetic so snacks are especially important
  • Energy drinks or coffee
  • Water Bottle
  • Thongs and shoes
  • Deodorant
  • Change to use in vending machines
  • Earphones
  • Chargers for phones and Ipads

For Baby:

  • Nappies and Wipes
  • Wash
  • Towel
  • Muslin Wraps
  • Blankets
  • 00000 clothes
  • 0000 clothes
  • Singlets
  • Mittens
  • Socks
  • Beanie
  • Going home outfit


What are your hospital bag essentials?

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you want me to write about next.

The Lazy Mummy




Above photo is a bag from Iconic

Easy Skincare Routine.

Just before I got pregnant I was really struggling with acne. This was not super bad but it was worse than it had been. So I went and changed my whole routine and it was definitely worth it.

Firstly I wet my face I usually do this in the shower after I’ve washed my hair because I like to take my skin care right down onto my chest and I find it super hard to do over a basin.

Second I use REN evercalm cleansing gel. Now this stuff smells amazing and is super gentle on the skin I have had my bottle for so long now as a little goes a long way. I use half a pump to 1 pump on my hands rub it together until it foams and then gently massage it into my face neck and chest. I try to do this for a minute then I wash it off.

Remember to pat your face dry don’t rub it as this can cause wrinkles.

Then I use skyn iceland exfoliating pads all you have to do is wipe them over your face and then throw them out. Just avoid the eyes but how easy is that!

Then I finish it off with REN evercalm moisturiser and drunk elephant luxe oil. Always make sure if your using an oil to put it on after moisturiser as oil can penetrate moisturiser can’t penetrate oil.

Since doing this my skin has been amazing. Please comment below what you want me to write next and we will see you next time.

The Lazy Mummy.